What is Artisan Spirits Box?

Artisan Spirits Box is the ultimate collection of hand-crafted small-batch quality spirits, created by experienced distillers and true strong alcohol connoisseurs. Comprised of such acclaimed products as Bandwagon high-rye bourbon, The Colonist rum, Strange Love dry gin, and several others, the ultimate goal behind Artisan Spirits Box is to bring you great spirits with excellent value. Each product we craft is done so according to classic recipes using the best ingredients and state-of-the-art modern equipment. So that the gin or whiskey you’ll be enjoying at the end of a long day would be the ultimate relaxing experience.

What makes Artisan Spirits Box so special?

By using the best equipment in the industry, we’re able to craft truly exquisite spirits and get the best out of classic recipes. This allows us to get high quality distillates that are both true to their classic character and relevant to modern-day tastes and requirements. On top of that, we’re able to achieve a very reasonable cost of production, which allows us to offer a very attractive price on all of the drinks within the Artisan Spirits Box collection. High quality with a great value – it doesn’t get any special than this!

Why do we use classic recipes?

Mainly because we love the flavor and aroma of a classic whiskey, gin or rum. Sure, in this day and age, it’s easier than ever to experiment with flavors and produce spirits that are unlike anything people used to drink back in the day. But with all this abundance, it’s always nice to have something you can fall back on, something reliable, something with a classic and real feel to it. That’s why we are using mainly classic textbook recipes when crafting our spirits, trying to bring back the flavor of the original drinks with a healthy modern twist.

Our Products

We’re really proud to bring you the fruit of our numerous experiments with every product that makes up the Artisan Spirits Box collection. Each of them represents a textbook example of what our numerous researches have confirmed to be a classic example of the spirit in question. And it only takes one small sip to realize that this is more than just a bold statement.

London Dry Gin is probably the most experimental category of modern-day distilling, with each producer having their own view on the spirit. Well, this is our interpretation of the style, which we feel is really close to what a true classic dry gin should taste like.

This is our interpretation of the classic Carribean rum, with its numerous sub-styles. Crafted from the highest quality sugar and spiced to bring out the true flavor of the sizzling sun and air thick with fun and adventure.

Our collection of Prohibition-era whiskeys that highlight the most popular spirits of those interesting times. Each whiskey is quite different, and may feel a bit bold for the uninitiated, but one will surely find a favorite in this collection.

The high-rye bourbon that started it all. Based on one of the oldest recipes in our collection, this is an amazingly smooth and approachable bourbon, that has a mild spicy hint to it thanks to the high amounts of rye used in its production.

For Partners and Distributors

Artisan Spirits Box is available for distribution in virtually any country on the globe, depending on logistics and other factors. We are happy to bring the spirit of true small-batch crafted drinks anywhere there’s an appetite for it. Give us an e-mail and we’ll be glad to offer you all the details on how to enjoy Artisan Spirits Box in your location.

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