Love is strange.
Love is wild.
Love is beautiful.

And when it comes knocking at your door, there’s nothing you can do to prepare for it.


Strange Luve is a small-batch handcrafted dry gin that opens the door into the amazing and strange world of craft gin. For its a modern playground for distillers to test new ideas, recipes and flavors, without any boundaries or strict rules. And this particular gin is a great example of how a whole range of flavors can be brought together in a single bottle. All it takes is just a single sip, and you will be swept away by the tide called Strange Luve.

Passion. Devotion. Obsession. Bottled and ready to turn your cozy world upside down.

The modern world of Gin is beautiful, strange and exciting. There are as many interpretations to it as there are distilleries, each crafting an experience of their own.

This is a great example of a modern dry gin that is based on a reinterpreted classic recipe. Imbued with a rich juniper character, Strange Luve takes you on a wild ride between coriander, citrus, and elderflower notes that leave a long-lasting impression after the very first sip. At the same time, none of the flavors is too assertive or intense, making the experience quite balanced and enjoyable. This results in a very interesting experience both for the novice gin drinker and those with plenty of gins behind their backs.

This is a true buty of a really good gin

Strange Luve can be enjoyed both as a standalone drink and as part of a gin-based cocktail. When mixed with other drinks, it works beautifully to enhance the overall flavor, being quite balanced but not too intense. This is a true buty of a really good gin – you can feel it, you can definitely taste it, but it doesn’t overpower the entire drink. And there are so many ways to enjoy Strange Luve!


A good gin is distinguished by rich flavor and aroma that is still not too intense or assertive, making a great backbone for countless cocktails to enjoy.

Gin style

Strange Luve is a great example of a true London Dry Gin in a modern interpretation. All the classic ingredients for an old-school gin are there, but used in a way to make the overall flavor more balanced and enjoyable.


When set beside some of the most well-known dry gins in a blind tasting, Strange Luve surprised the professional tasters by its well-defined character and overall balance, making it a great all-round choice both for cocktails and stand-alone drinks.


The bottle design puts Strange Luve in the perfect spot to get noticed and inspire curiosity, which is exactly what this beautiful gin deserves.


The pricing for Strange Luve can be quite confusing at first for someone who has already tried it and now wants to get a bottle. For all its wonderful qualities and excellend craftsmanship, it costs only a fraction of what you’d pay for a premium-class drink of the same level.

Strange Luve Dry Gin
Strange Luve Dry Gin