and a lot of good whiskey.

When you’re moving a trunk full of illegal whiskey at night, the first and only rule is simple: don’t get caught. And in order to do that you have to be the fastest runner on the road.

that’s how
moonshine runners
came to be.

Hailing from the days of Prohibition in the USA, the Moonshine Runners were an essential part of the illegal alcohol market that flourished in large cities, and gave birth to gangsters like Al Capone. In order to get the liquor from the backwoods distilleries where it was made into the underground bars, someone had to move it and avoid being caught by the vigilant police. Only the boldest racers with the fastest cars could pull it off. And the Moonshine Runners whiskey range is our tribute to these brave and daring men.

Every whiskey in the Moonshine Runners series is different and full of character. Like the cars used by smugglers were uniquely tuned and rebuilt to make them faster, so are the whiskeys in this family, each bringing a character and flavor of its own. Based on genuine Prohibition-era recipes, these whiskeys are the exact kind of liquor you would get in an underground speakeasy during the 1920’s in the USA. For some they might be too intense, but that’s the actual taste of whiskey like it used to be back in the day. And it might grow on you. Just like love for horsepower and speed.

The Moonshine Runners
are at full throttle once more and there’s no stopping them!

Let’s celebrate the bravery and fearlessness of Moonshine Runners by enjoying one of these bold whiskeys: American Blended, Straight Bourbon, Canadian Blended, and Blended Scotch. Each of them has a profile of its own, so explore, enjoy, and you’ll definitely find something to your taste.

Moonshine Runners is a whiskey series dedicated to the days of Prohibition, underground pubs, crime lords, backwoods distilleries, and fearless smugglers. In order to get the liquor from the production sites, usually located in the countryside or across the border in Canada, to the consumers in the big cities, the mobsters employed fearless drivers with the fastest cars around to outrun the police. And because they usually did their runs at night, they were called Moonshine Runners.

Some say that the entire culture of car tuning and modification stems from these bold drivers, who used to tweak their cars in order to get the most out of them and avoid being caught. Whether true or not, the Moonshine Runners whiskey series is as bold and daring as the people that inspired it. Comprised of classic Prohibition-era recipes, each whiskey in this range is individual, unique, and full of flavor. And there’s definitely something that a true whiskey lover will appreciate.


Moonshine Runners is a true craft whiskey series based on old-school recipes that combines character, bold flavor, diversity, and value-for-money. Each product in this series represents a classic example of its particular style on par with premium offerings, but comes at a fraction of their price. A true find for those, who appreciate quality, craftsmanship, and flavor, at a reasonable cost.

So get your engines ready because
The Moonshine Runners
are riding hard and fast!

Just like the Prohibition-era smugglers used to ride like there’s no tomorrow, so does the new Moonshine Runners whiskey series. Comprised of four different whiskeys crafted using authentic recipes from that time, each product in the Moonshine Runners range is different, full of character and ready to take you on a ride. So if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide into the world of Prohibition-style whiskeys that used to be sold at speakeasies and underground pubs all across the USA, this is just the thing.



The Moonshine Runners series is comprised of four authentic whiskeys: Straight Bourbon, Canadian Blended, North American Blended and Scotch Blended. Each hails from the Prohibition era, when bold flavor was the thing people were willing to break the law for. These whiskeys each come with their distinct character, showcasing the diversity of aroma and flavor a true craft whiskey can deliver.


Moonshine Runners are a part of history. Maybe it’s not something you will learn in school, but there they were, riding in the dark of the night, moving booze between hidden distilleries and big-city underground pubs. And it’s a story that’s definitely worth listening with a glass in your hand.


While each bottle in the Moonshine Runners range is definitely a feast to the eye with its beautiful old-school packaging, it’s the content that truly matters. Using authentic Prohibition-era recipes we were able to recreate a range of distinct flavors that characterized the whiskeys from that period. And we’re really proud of the content in each bottle!

Small-batch Distilling

By making the whiskeys exclusively in small batches we were able to obtain the best quality with no compromise. The intense flavor, which characterizes each whiskey in the Moonshine Runners series results from the meticulous attention to detail only possible when using small-scale equipment.


With all the surprising traits of Moonshine Runners one would expect these whiskeys to be priced like a premium brand. Well, that’s not the case. You don’t need a big budget to enjoy these Prohibition-era whiskeys, as they come at a surprisingly affordable price. Quality whiskey doesn’t necessarily mean expensive whiskey, and Moonshine Runners are here to prove just that.


The Moonshine Runners collection highlights the most popular whiskey styles of the Prohibition-era United States, each characterized by its unique flavor profile: Straight Bourbon rich with vanilla and toasty oak; American Blended full of nutmeg, cinnamon and coconut; Canadian Blended imbued with cherry and orange peel; and Blended Scotch delivering caramel, vanilla, and cinnamon. Each is unique, bold, flavorful, and ready to be consumed both straight up or as part of a tall cocktail.

Discover the way whiskey used to be made almost a century ago with the Moonshine Runners. Like the whiskeys of the past that were ripe with untamed flavor, you may find some of these a bit too intense. Don’t worry, that’s exactly why we’ve included four whiskeys in this range, so that everyone would find something to their liking. Just give them a proper taste and you will be blown away by the distinct character of each whiskey in the Moonshine Runners series.

Come ride shotgun with
The Moonshine Runners
and discover the taste of true prohibition-style whiskey!

Moonshine Runners North American Blended Whiskey
Moonshine Runners North American Blended Whiskey
Moonshine Runners Straight Bourboun Whiskey
Moonshine Runners Straight Bourboun Whiskey
Moonshine Runners Blended Canadian Whiskey
Moonshine Runners Blended Canadian Whiskey