Straight bourbon. Is all about what’s inside the bottle

When it comes to good old classics the content is what really matters. No matter how cool the label is, or how much the bottle costs, when you pop the bottle and pour the amber liquid into the glass, you expect to get a nice tasting whiskey at the end of the day.


Bandwagons used to take musicians between small frontier towns all across the USA back during the Settlement era. And where you’ve found loud music, you certainly found booze. Unsurprisingly, these wagons used to haul quite a lot of distilled spirits with them, either in the form of private stashes, or straight up for sale, depending on the legal framework in the town they’ve been staying at the moment. So when one saw a bandwagon coming into the settlement, it was clear that there would be some entertainment, in one way or the other.

Like the bandwagons of the past that used to bring fun to frontier towns all across the US, the Bandwagon high-rye bourbon is entertainment distilled and bottled. And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t have any rules to it. Whether you like drinking your whiskey neat, on the rocks, straight up, or as part of a cocktail, you’ll discover that Bandwagon fits just right into any of those. Because that’s what good whiskey is all about – great flavor that finds its place wherever it goes.

So come join
the Bandwagon
and enjoy the good old fun this fine bourbon has to give!

A straight bourbon that tastes like a premium product and comes at a fraction of the price?

This is what bandwagon high-rye bourbon is all about!

An incredibly versatile bourbon crafted from highest quality corn, barley malt and a hefty dose of rye to make things complex, bold and very accessible. Whether you like drinking your whiskey neat, on the rocks, stirred, or as part of a cocktail, Bandwagon delivers the perfect balance between spiciness and vanilla caramel flavour to make it a great all-round bourbon for all purposes and occasions.

Crafted using a classic recipe back from the good old days of bourbon invention and experimentation, Bandwagon is a small-batch creation that shows you what a really good drink should taste like. Whether you’re drinking it at a dedicated whiskey bar, at a loud party, or in the comfort of your home, this bourbon is both complex and subtle, making the Bandwagon one of the best value-for-money offerings on the bourbon market today. And it also comes in pre-mixed cocktail variations as Manhattan and Old-Fashioned to make things really interesting

The true taste
Of small batch whiskey bourbon
You can enjoy anywhere in any form!


Some whiskeys prefer to be served neat. Some bloom when served straight up or on the rocks. Some make a great backbone for whiskey-based cocktails like Old-Fashioned or Manhattan. Bandwagon is all of those and even more.

Based on an old recipe from the days of travelling bandwagons, whiskey innovators, and backwood moonshine masterpieces, this small-batch handcrafted whiskey is a great all-round bourbon with a distinct yet approachable character. Bandwagon drinks smooth and has just the right balance between malty sweetness and light spiciness brought in by a large amount of rye in the grain bill. This is a bourbon that finds its place in virtually any form, unpretentious, complex, subtle, friendly and fun to drink.

For a bourbon this young Bandwagon exhibits a surprising degree of complexity. Its aroma is dominated by a rich herbal bouquet laid on a substantial caramel backbone. The taste is a smooth ride between a spicy start and a vanilla caramel finish, which lingers for a very long time and leaves you asking for more. This is the result of a complex grain bill consisting of corn, barley malt and a substantial rye addition, which all blend together into a rich yet very approachable high-rye bourbon.

the Bandwagon
Is coming into town
Are you ready for some fun?!


Small Batch

This whiskey is only made in small batches, each batch being indicated on the label. Moreover, each bottle has an individual number and our signature as an assurance of its premium quality.

High Rye

HIGH RYE We’ve used a generous amount of Rye in the mash bill for this bourbon whiskey to make it smooth and full-bodied. And although the grain’s share is lower than that required for the whiskey to be officially labeled as Rye Whiskey, you can certainly feel its presence all over the aroma and palate of this beautiful bourbon.

Straight Bourbon

Only brand new charred white oak barrels have been used to age the Bandwagon Original bourbon whiskey, which makes it legally a straight bourbon. We get the most out of the wood to make this whiskey as intense and balanced as possible.

Content and visual

The content of the bottle corresponds to the visual aspect of Bandwagon – it’s old-school, no-nonsense, rich, and accessible all at the same time. Whether you’re a whiskey connoisseur or just like having a sip of something tasty every now and then, this bourbon delivers exactly what it promises.


People often notice that Bandwagon Original is an excellent value for your money. Coming at a very affordable price it delivers the complexity and smoothness of a premium brand bourbon that costs times as much.